Standards even higher with the innovative NANO technology in every Massi product.

From now on, innovative NANO technology (easy clean) is coming to every ceramic product from Massi. It will allow for a greater comfort of cleaning in your bathroom ? without additional costs. In our opinion, highest functionality of sanitary devices and bathroom ceramics is a must, not a luxury.
How does the NANO technology work? ->http://massiceramics.com/news/nano-layers/

Nano layer is a screen of polymers, invulnerable, invisible to the naked eye and protecting the products it coats. It allows for easy and fast cleaning of the ceramics ware with running water only – no need for chemical or scrubbing. It protects against stains, germs, fungi, tap water residue and UV light. NANO coated products have a high gloss.For our clients, the ?easy clean? technology means a comfortable and safe bathroom, maintenance cost reduction and time saving.

You can read more about NANO technology here->http://massiceramics.com/news/nano-layers/

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