Frequently asked questions

To save your time, blew we listed answers for the most popular questions from our clients and business partners. For any other issues, including cooperation, transportation, offers and technical details, please use the
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What is Massi?

It is a new brand created by Barteks – sanitary devices and accessories wholesaler. Emphasis was put on maximum functionality and fresh design. The collection consists of bathroom fitting, sinks, bidets, toilet bowls, bathtubs, basins, shower cabins, line drains and other equipment and accessories for modern bathrooms.


Where do the products come from?

Massi is comprised of selected sanitary devices and bathroom ceramics from renowned manufacturers from all over the world. This guarantees highest quality of products.


Do the products have a warranty?

All Massi products have a guarantee, specifically:

  • sanitary ceramics – 5 years
  • toilet seats – 2 years
  • fittings – 2 years
  • drains – 2 years
  • acrylic bathtubs – 5 years


We provide warranty service and also additional financially attractive after warranty service.


Where can you buy Massi products?

To meet your expectations, we offer convenient forms of shopping for our products:

  • online shops
  • online auctions
  • numerous stores in Poland


Where can you inspect our products?

All Massi items are available as 3D presentations online, allowing for precise and visually attractive experience when browsing them at our webpage. Massi devices and accessories are also available at online and traditional stores.


What is the estimated delivery time?

Usually between 24 and 48 hours.


Can I return the item I purchased?

All products can be returned within 14 days after purchase. The item returned must be free of marks indicating use. Money will be returned to specified bank account within 14 days. Your satisfaction is our priority.


What should I do if the device malfunctioned or I noticed a defect after unpacking?

All Massi items come with a warranty, therefore in such a case please contact our helpline or mail us the details of your problem. Complaints are handled instantly.




How to order items?

Please place your orders using fax, e-mail or phone. We will adapt to your needs.


How long is an order processed?

The order completion and delivery takes from 24 to 48 hours.


What are the wholesale and detail prices?

The price catalogue is available at our website, we can also email it to you should you wish so. We offer various loyalty discounts and attractive prices dependent on the nature of cooperation. Each offer is individually tailored.