We present innovative solutions for sanitary ceramics. Designer projects, maximum functionaity and highest quality unite in every product of the Massi brand. You will find our ceramics offer a wide choice sinks, wall hung toilets, water closets and different bidets. Make your bathroom modern and stylish. Let our prices surprise you.

  • Sinks

    A modern bathroom needs a washbowl stylish and superior in design, but also practical and tidy. We offer a selected choice of sinks and wash basins designed with the latests trends in interior design in mind.
  • Traditional bidets

    For those preferring classic yet modernised solutions, we offer a choice of traditional bidets suitable for every bathroom. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Selected models come with a seat, offering an esthetic cover for the toilet.
  • Wall hung bidets

    Wall hung bidets are a perfect match for other products from their respective lines. Modern design, maximum functionality and highest quality materials make them durable and failure-free.
  • Wall hung toilets

    Massi wall hung toilets are modern in design and of highest quality. They are all equipped with a free fall seat. Their functionality and low maintenance is amazing. We also offer a choice of flush mounted toilet frames, made by renowned companies.
  • Water closet

    Massi water closets are of highest quality and affordable price, perfect for those seeking a practical solution for their bathroom. All our toilets come with all mounting elements included. They are modern, durable and elegant.