About Us

Perfection in every detail, toned elegance and high functionality are now united into the Massi brand, changing your bathroom into a realm of sensual and esthetic wonders. Massi knows no limits. Its success is guided by people with a long history of involvement in the sanitary business and an awareness of the needs of the clients. We present to you our vision of the perfect bathroom.

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The Massi brand debuted in 2011, based on the idea and experience of its founder.  Barteks, a company with over a dozen years of experience in wholesale trade of bathroom equipment and accessories. As a result, an innovative yet practical line of products was created, offering a choice of selected items from all over the world.


Massi is based on international standards in interior design, emphasising both esthetic qualities and high functionality. A bathroom should mesmerize with its style and sensuality, yet still be reliable and low maintenance.


The Massi line consists of:

Bathroom fitting

Ceramics and sanitary ware

Drain and outlet systems

Separate bathtubs

Shower cubicles

Bathroom accessories

Others items


We grow constantly, adapting to your individual needs and offering a broader choice of products every day. Even now, we invite you to enjoy the 3D presentations of our products, here on our webpage.

Massi – Vision of the Perfect Bathroom